Rocking an Awesome Naughty School Girl Costume

Rocking an Awesome Naughty School Girl Costume

Britney began everything off with her outfit in Baby One More Time – go on, watch it, it’s quite great! Everybody adores a costume that goes too far, only a small piece, and Insidious School Girl is unquestionably in that classification.

Take after our tips for mixing bad-girl with honesty and check whether you can out-do Britney! Post a few pics of your work for us on our Facebook Page!


On the off chance that you have long hair, you’re in good fortune. Else, will require a wig. We need to make the feeling that you are in high school, which I’m trusting you’re not (generally this is all sort of frightening) so braids are an absolute necessity. You’ve likely made them on a million occasions. Include some pink strips for a last touch.

THE Cosmetics:

We’re going for the Bambie look here women, so make those eyes pop and lips mope. Follow Brit’s cosmetics style: On the off chance that you don’t have spots, toss a couple on, they’ll help make the figment you are after.


This part is simple: get a school girl uniform and do what you used to after your mum hauled around the bend out of vision: climb up the skirt, tie the shirt in a tangle and hotshot your mid-float, and make sure to finish the outfit with bobby socks, a couple of Mary Jane shoes, and toss a slip underneath to highlight the skirt. I can hear your mom wheezing at your Facebook pictures now!


Finish your outfit with a couple of things like fake glasses, biting gum, school books, and an apple for the instructor obviously!