Men’s Disco Costumes

Men’s Disco Costumes

If “Found a Cure”, “Disco Inferno” or “Staying Alive” made you vibrate in the 80s, then you are quite the type to participate in a disco party. It must be said that at the announcement of such good news, we can only jump to the ceiling. Imagine a fancy dress party with all your friends and on top of that, a disco theme party ? You already feel impatience in you. A little patience …

Before going to your theme party, you’ll have to find the right fancy dress for a men. Fortunately, Sowest Fancy Dress is here to help you in your search with a nice selection of brilliant disco costumes. We are here to dress you from head to toe in a disco fever style.

For example, put on a nice disco jumpsuit with psychedelic shirt or a disco suit. Partying will become child’s play because in your men’s disco outfit you will be able to let go. Lose control of your body during your dance party and give everything you have on the dance floor (a bit like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever).

We already see the smoke surrounding you and the rays of the mirror ball illuminate you because you will be the star of the dance floor. All the ladies will be subjugated by so much beauty. They may even succumb to your charm and that’s good. What woman did not dream of a man with a glitter shirt? 😆

The disco attitude will seize you to transform you into an inveterate dancer. Your sex appeal and your passion will attract the female on the track for a crazy dance. The disco and seduction are good fit so enjoy the dance like John Travolta in the Saturday night fever.

You will have to make arm movements diagonally with a nice hipster to imitate. But Travolta is always imitated and never equaled. This gives you a little challenge. He who does not set goals will not reach them and tonight is goal Travolta attitude! For pecho, there’s nothing better!

Fancy Dress Disco Party Decoration

For a successful disco party, you need a suitable fancy dress them. Once your choice is made, you will need something to change your interior. Organizing a disco party is not last minute job. The disco decoration of fancy dress Magic should enchant you.

You can hang a beautiful mirror ball for an exciting result on the dance floor or hang colorful decorations on the wall for more cheerfulness in the room. Not to mention disposable disco dishes which will save you a big chore.

The disco decor will take you straight to the 70s / 80s. We have a preference for the garland vinyl that creates a vintage atmosphere immediately.

In addition to decorating, consider preparing a disco playlist to challenge your guests. If you are wondering where the word “joy” comes from, please note that it comes from a language used by young people that comes from English “enjoy” and that means “to have fun”. Yes, at SoWest Fancy Dress, we’re a little mad-crazy!

Fancy Dress Disco costume accessories

The disco fancy dress: ok! The disco decor: ok! Do you not think something is missing on the call?

The disco accessories of course! That will make all the difference. With disco accessories, you will surely win the prize for the best costume of the evening. For example, put on a beautiful Afro cut disco wig, put on some glittery glasses, a matching belt and some kitschy men’s disco shoes.

If you are to play the game, play it thoroughly. The best idea is to add a small mustache for a total look. We love! If the wig is not your cup of tea, the glitter disco hat will do the trick. Add the matching sequin tie to the hat for a resplendent outfit.