15 Best Celebrity Fancy Dress Costumes Ever

Nobody does a fancy dress party better than celebrities. Call it the budget, call it the army of personal assistants tasked with brainstorming and realizing the idea. But they sure know how to party. See the best and be inspired.

1. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara celebrated her 44th birthday party with lemon-themed, Beyoncé-inspired festivities.

2. Kate Beckinsale

Fancy dress obsessed Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram on 11 July to share a hilarious photo of herself dressed in an inflatable penis costume. She captioned the image: ‘Just a girl trying to make it in a man’s world…’

3. Rihanna

Rihanna takes on Pebbles for a Flintstones’ themed birthday party for baby Majesty.

4. Kate Moss

Kate Moss attends Jonathan Ross’ Halloween party as Cara Delevingne.

5. North West

North West dressed up as a skunk for Halloween.

6. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

Beyoncé as Janet Jackson and Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson.

7. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne 

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne as the Super Mario Brothers.

8. The Kardashians

The Kardashians do US Vogue: Kim Kardashian as editor Anna Wintour, North as contributing editor André Leon Talley and Kim’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli as creative director Grace Coddington. Plus, Joyce’s son as a mini Karl Lagerfeld.

9. Rihanna 

Rihanna dresses up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween in New York.

10. Beyoncé

Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo as she spends Halloween night out at Charlie Bird in NYC, with a front-row view of the Halloween Parade.

11. Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum at her 14th annual Halloween party in New York.

12. Rita Ora

Rita Ora at Death of a Geisha Halloween Party at Cafe KaiZen in London.

13. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian out and about in a Halloween skeleton costume.

14. Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse vamps it up at the UNICEF Halloween ball.

15. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba dresses up as Slash for Kate Hudson’s Sons of Anarchy themed Halloween party.


Celebrating Halloween: The What, Why and When

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In spite of mainstream thinking, Halloween did not begin in America

It’s that season once more, where the intricate costumes emerge and kids crazy in their nearby neighborhoods. Indeed, even Starbucks has willingly volunteered to make a Vampire Frappuccino as part of the festivals.

This year trailblazers will be cutting pineapples and abandoning pumpkins, yet do you know why we observe Halloween in any case?

What is Halloween?

Going back to European customs, Halloween began from the antiquated Gaelic Celebration, Samhain. It was a day to praise the ending of the harvest season – it signifies “summer’s end”.

Truly Gaels thought the dividers between the spiritual world and our reality was thin. They dreaded the harvests would be harmed, so they would set up places at their supper tables for the spirits and light blazes to drive away malevolence spirits.

Treating and sprucing up originated from Sixteenth Century in Ireland, Scotland, and Grains.

Individuals would request nourishment in return for a lyric or tune. Individuals spruced up in terrifying costumes and mimicked the souls of the dead to secure themselves.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween wound up noticeably marketed after some time from the impacts of popular culture and is commended by both kids and grown-ups, regardless of whether they are going to gatherings or cutting pumpkins.

Treating was began by the Americans and they developed the English custom of “souling” or “guising” to the headliner for youngsters we know it as today.

When is Halloween?

Customarily known as All Saints’ Night, Halloween falls on October 31. Halloween is the eve of the Christian celebration called All Saints’ Day on November 1.

This spooky festival is watched each year in various nations around the globe.

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The Truth: Why We Wear Costumes On Halloween

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So you’ve chosen what you will be for Halloween, and have concocted a unique costume. Congratulations! Be that as it may, do you even know why precisely it is you’re sprucing up, or why we wear costumes on Halloween in any case?

Didn’t think so. Try not to stress, let’s fill you in.

You’ve likely invested a decent measure of energy pondering what you need to be for Halloween, and you will presumably invest the same amount of time, if not all the more, thinking about it later on.

Each year there’s one less costume you can consider as a choice unless you’re being lethargic and reusing thoughts.

Halloween’s legacy really binds back to the Celtics, which implies we would now be able to thank the Irish for both St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween.

It was later assumed control of by the English (on the grounds that, the English assumed control of everything back then), and it wasn’t until hundreds of years after the fact that it showed up in America.

The Celtics used to spruce up to “mix in” with phantoms.

At the very starting points of Halloween’s history, you’ll discover the Samhain celebration, which denoted the end of the Celtic’s harvest period and the start of their winter.

Since the winter spoke to the “darker half” of year, its beginning (Nov. 1) wound up to be known as the day the dead would cause issues down the road for the earth.

Notwithstanding leaving nourishment and beverages on their doorsteps with expectations of conciliating the spooky spirits, individuals would likewise spruce up in apparition costumes when leaving their homes with an end goal to “mix in” with the dead.

In Medieval England, the poor would spruce up and perform for cash and sustenance.

After Medieval England adjusted the Samhain celebration and transformed it into All Saints Day, it turned into a custom for youngsters to spruce up and perform at individuals’ entryways in return for nourishment or cash.

This was typically done by poor people, and it wound up plainly known as “guising.”

Halloween costumes turned into “a thing” in America when Irish outsiders resuscitated the customs.

Irish migrants conveyed the conventions of Halloween over to America, so you can express gratitude toward them for all the fun you now have on Oct. 31.

In any case, it wasn’t really until the 1950s that Halloween turned out to be massively marketed in America, and transformed into a family-accommodating occasion for grown-ups and kids alike.

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The Ultimate Fancy Dress Party Guide

The fancy dress party is the fanciest of a considerable number of parties. This is not only a broad explanation; it is a reality.

How, you may ask?

Since you can pick any topic you need – you can hold a Disney Princesses Night (no, you are never excessively old) or a Presidential Ball and have everybody over from the Ruler of Britain to a US leader of your liking. What’s fancier than that?

What’s fancier than that?

However, fancy dress parties require a considerable measure of work and exertion.

Be that as it may, we wouldn’t be SoWest Fancy Dress if we didn’t have guidance for you.


Step 1 – The financial plan

Just like most things in life, it comes down to the cash. Before you start to assemble your fancy dress party, settle on a financial plan.

It’s additionally critical to adhere to the set spending plan (it may sound senseless, however a ton of us disregard this part).

Step 2 – The subject

Since you know your monetary limitations, you ought to pick a subject.

On the off chance that you are restricted space savvy and you can’t bear to lease a scene, you don’t need individuals appearing in tremendous costumes.

Likewise consider subjects that are not very entangled to dress for, for example, the most noticeably awful thing in my wardrobe.

Step 3 – The solicitations

Make sure to give individuals plentiful time to design their costumes for your fancy dress party.

Add to the showy behavior by making welcomes that fit your topic; in case you’re hosting a frantic researcher gathering, convey your welcomes in test tubes.

Step 4 – The designs

Designs can make or break your party.

So get inventive and doll up your scene as much as you can. Simply recall the spending guideline.

Google becomes possibly the most important factor here as it is covered with moderate DIY beautification ideas on pretty much anything.

Step 5 – The music

Music has a method for playing with your psyche, so be sure to have a splendid playlist to make the ideal atmosphere.

Blend things up a little by searching for electric swing music in case you’re arranging a jazz night.

Step 6 – The Food

The web is your companion here.

Look for ideas that are simple to implement and that fit your topic.

For instance, if your topic is red, make beyond any doubt all that you serve is red or binds to red sustenance, for example, jam or beetroot.

Step 7 – The good times

Take heaps of pics and have a ton of fun!

Reach us for all your party needs, from finding an impeccable dress or those trim paper plates through to a moderate setting or an insane cocktail. Call 084 11 438 48 or visit

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Rocking the Perfect Retro Jumpsuit Fancy Dress (UK)

Here’s the reason you require a beautiful fancy dress jumpsuit: it’s anything but difficult to wear, refined and adaptable! Wear your one-piece to the workplace, to a lunch with companions or to a night out on the town. Contingent upon your goal, the look may require a customized jacket or articulation extras.

1. Marvelous Summer

We adore the retro energy and female fit – slip our fancy dress jumpsuit on for immediate style! Wear our cool and marvelous retro jumpsuit costumes with straightforward wedges and a customer bag for an easily beguiling summer troupe – ideal for drinks in the city or a day at the recreation center. Supplement with a marvelous floppy cap to make a definitive summer look!

2. Exquisite Night

Make an exquisite night look with a provocative and modern fancy dress jumpsuit. The cut-out detail at back shows only the perfect measure of skin. Wear yours with chic ceiling fixture studs, high obeyed shoes and an in vogue grasp pack for a refined after-dull look!

3. Easygoing Daytime

Layer an easygoing cool biker coat over a simple chic, female and advanced jumpsuit. Our retro fancy dress jumpsuit is a flawless decision. We cherish the self-attach midsection to shape a female outline – this one-piece doesn’t require much styling. Group essentially with level calfskin shoes with metallic specifying and tasteful cameo studs. Wear this outfit to a lunch with companions for an in vogue nearness.

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Fancy Dress Costumes Over The Years

1920 Fancy Dress

For ladies, the 1920s were about straight, baggy, sleeveless, knee length and low waistline dresses! They were regularly bordered for an emerge look! For the

For the gentlemen, the Criminal look was a well-known approach. This may have incorporated a Twofold Breasted Suit with characterized shoulders and a couple of coordinating pants, not overlooking the trilby cap!

Why stop at only a costume? Go the smidgen further and get directly into the thundering 20’s. Ladies can add makeup which appeared to characterize their facial elements and regularly had a smokey check out the eyes.

Men were frequently spotless shaven and had an exceptionally all around trimmed hair style on the back and sides. In spite of the fact that this was the situation for a few men, others may have had a Little Mustache!

1950 Fancy Dress

The 1950s, the time of Shake and Roll! The 50s was simply the time articulation and this is reflected in the look!

The 1970s Fancy Dress

The 1960s was the time of the psychedelic and tie-kick the bucket prints! This is not just what the 60s was associated with however, This was of-course the decade that The Beatles overwhelmed the world in their brilliantly hued Sergeant Pepper outfits!

Flower children were additionally a piece of the 1960s so why not make beyond any doubt you get a sweet shaded costume, group it up with a goliath afro wig and a couple of round hippy glasses! Arranged!

The 1970s was much the same as the 60s, it was 10 years that proceeded with the splendid hues and furthermore saw men dress in colossal flared pants and huge caught shirts.

1980s Fancy Dress

The 1980s was the time of good music however not all that good mold! Notwithstanding, as the music was incredible what preferable reason is there over that to dress up as a symbol of the 80s.

The 1980s was the decade that saw any semblance of Slice, Madonna, Kid George and Michael Jackson all ascent to distinction!

The 80s was additionally an extraordinary decade that saw probably the most famous television characters, for example, Danger Mouse, He Man and E.T.

Look the Part At Your Next Fancy Dress Party!

The most effective method to look like it at your next Fancy Dress Party!

When you get the welcome to a fancy dress party the thoughts will fall into place, yet in what capacity would you be able to really ensure that you will look like it!?

This fancy dress guide will leave you certain and make you get the best dressed prizes left right and center!

Know your topic!

Themed Fancy Dress parties are well known and having some information of the subject can truly work to support you. Spend a decent half hour investigating what the style was, what their hair resembled, how they acted and so on. This can truly enable you to get into character.

Conceive brand new ideas!

A lion’s share of individuals will consequently simply run with the first thing that flies into their psyche for their themed fancy dress party however wheres the enjoyment in that? The exact opposite thing you need is to swing up to the party and see a heap of individuals wearing an indistinguishable thing from you! For instance, at a 1920 Themed Fancy Dress Party the vast majority will run with the Gangster and Flapper look. Realizing totally new possibilities you could run with a 20’s Barbershop look comprising of a Red and White Striped Coat and Boater Cap! Now there’s something relatively few people would have thought of!

All in all, What are the most well known topics for a Fancy Dress Party?

The short response to that inquiry is… everything! There will dependably be individuals thinking of new and insane themed fancy dress party thoughts and that is whats extraordinary about fancy dress! Top choices frequently incorporate 1920s, 1950s, 1980s, Mexican and Hawaiian!

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1930s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

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    This Dress is Great Quality, Fringe is all around front & back, Shoulder straps with Sequins.

    Choose WHITE or GOLD

    Please Note UK size – ONLY GUIDE – Please go by BUST by measuring around not by Bra Size.

    SMALL (6-8): Bust upto 31″ Length 31″
    MEDIUM (10-12): Bust upto 34″ Length 31″
    LARGE (14-16): Bust upto 38″ Length 33″
    XL (18-20): Bust upto 42″ Length 33″

At SoWest Fancy Dress, we receive so many requests centered around 1930s fancy dress costumes. The 1930s is an odd decade, sandwiched between the bright young things of the 1920s and the stark austerity of World War II. It was a decade which, following the 1929 Wall Street Crash in America, saw not only the Great Depression, but also a partial return to the social structure and class system, experienced before the advent of World War I. A major difference between the 1910s & 1930s was the gradual emancipation of women, which meant they were leading more active and busier life-styles. As a consequence, there was a difference in daywear, with more practical outfits being used, whilst for evening wear, the dropped waistline of the flapper decade, was replaced with the natural waistline. Dresses of the period (particularly evening wear) were often made of satin, cut on the bias, and embellished with frills and bows. In the 1930s, fancy dress costume jewellery in the form of necklaces, brooches and rings was also very popular, as were cigarette holders.

When it comes to fancy dress costumes, at SoWest Fancy Dress we have both day and evening wear for males and females in our hire range. Aside from the dresses, suits, top hat and tails, we also have a range of products to help you carry off the look, including wigs and make-up. The latter was another aspect of life which had become more mainstream during the 1930s, with manufacturers such as Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor becoming household names. In the 1930s, pencil thin eyebrows and lipsticks in pinks and shimmer colours replaced the 1920s flapper look of heavy kohl eyes and bright red lips.

Another fashion trend that became adopted by some women in the 1930s was the wearing of trousers. Nowadays of course, women wearing trousers is an acceptable fashion look, but back in the 1930s and even as late as the early 1970s, it was unacceptable in certain quarters, for females to be donning trousers. Consequently, the film star Marlene Dietrich caused a sensation when she wore a male Top Hat n Tails outfit in the film Morocco in 1930 and she found herself banned by the Chief of Police in Paris when she went out in public in a male-orientated ensemble.

Hats also evolved in the Thirties: The cloche of the 20s developed a popular twin, the toque, a similar tight fitting piece of headwear. Meanwhile, a soft hat with a dented crown, seen in a stage version of a du Maurier novel, took the name of the heroine of the piece, Trilby, (and with an added feather became especially popular with the Germans of both sexes). The 30s also saw a first appearance of the fashion pillbox hat: Garbo wore one in the film As You Desire Me and it generated almost as much enthusiasm as when Jackie Kennedy helped revive the style in the early 1960s.

1930s Films – an ideal place to get some alternative 30s fancy dress costume ideas…

If you are attending a 1930s party and not particularly wanting to emulate the fashions of the period, the Silver Screen also spawned a number of films, for which fancy dress costumes are available. These include:

  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  3. Tarzan
  4. Frankenstein
  5. Dracula
  6. The Mummy
  7. Cleopatra (remake)
  8. Alice in Wonderland (remake)
  9. Adventures of Robin Hood, starring the swash-buckling Errol Flynn
  10. Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  11. King Kong
  12. Bride of Frankenstein – great for a couple
  13. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – another great couples fancy costume idea
  14. Treasure Island – a chance to wear a pirate fancy costume
  15. Gone with The Wind (also a book) – Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler fancy dress costumes

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  • Outfit comes complete with DREDD AND HEAD PIECE with FEATHER

    (Does not include Gloves, Cigarette Holder, Boa or Necklace)

    This Dress is Great Quality, Fringe is all around front & back, Shoulder straps with Sequins.

    Choose WHITE or GOLD

    Please Note UK size – ONLY GUIDE – Please go by BUST by measuring around not by Bra Size.

    SMALL (6-8): Bust upto 31″ Length 31″
    MEDIUM (10-12): Bust upto 34″ Length 31″
    LARGE (14-16): Bust upto 38″ Length 33″
    XL (18-20): Bust upto 42″ Length 33″

Original Yellow Zoot “Zuit” Suit Fancy Dress Costume

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The opportunity to enhance museums’ permanent collection is always a consideration when curators organized an exhibition. The special exhibition Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear inspired numerous fancy dress museums to forge a strategy to fully develop their permanent collection of twentieth- and early twenty-first-century menswear. An authentic zoot “zuit” suit fancy dress costume was always at the top of their list.

Flamboyant in style and exaggerated in proportion, the zoot “zuit” suit fancy dress costume is linked to a relatively small subculture, yet it represents a significant moment in the history of menswear. Its exact origin is unknown, but it was closely associated with urban youths, who frequented swing clubs and dance halls during the 1930s and early 1940s. Their zoot suit fancy dress costumes, defined by overtly broad shoulders with wide, pegged sleeves, narrow hips, and deeply pleated pegged trousers, allowed for ease of movement while creating an image of extreme dandyism.

For more than a decade, curators in the department of Costume and Textiles had been in search of an authentic 1930s–‘40s-era zoot suit. Our quest proved extremely difficult due partly to WWII-era restrictions imposed by the War Production Board in March 1942 to reduce the amount of fabric used in garment construction, thereby limiting the production of the voluminous zoot suit. Later, many examples may also have been remade into other garments, as zoot suits required much more fabric to create than a typical suit. And zoot suits simply may not have survived use, whether from day-to-day wear, nighttime dances of the fashionable jitterbug or Lindy Hop, or the so-called “Zoot Suit Riots” that erupted between American servicemen and zoot-suiters across America and beyond.

The big break in acquiring an original zoot suit fancy dress costume came in 2011 when a man’s wool suit from New Jersey appeared in an East Coast auction catalogue, listed with an estimated value of six to nine hundred dollars. Knowing that it was an extremely rare zoot suit, museums submitted their applications to bid by phone. When the auction began on November 2, the opening bid of five-hundred dollars skyrocketed in less than a minute to bids of five figures. The representative on the other end of the phone line could barely keep up with the pace of bidding. Finally, she said, “Yes, it’s yours!” A hard-fought winning bid for the zoot suit set a new auction record for twentieth-century menswear.

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50s, 60, 70s & 80s Fancy Dress Party Costumes UK

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How about having a fancy dress party to dance  off the extra weight you have accumilated over the past months? Assuming you are one of those people who have had to work, a party can be a good time to look back over the past months and assess what we would like to achieve in the coming ones.  This is why New Month resolutions are often made. Many of these tend to be health related, such as getting fit, losing weight, stopping smoking, etc..

At SoWest Fancy Dress we are naturally in the business of promoting people having a good time, so how does that equate with developing a healthy regime, particularly if you are in a party atmosphere, where quantities of food and drink are likely to be consumed? Well, for starters we would advocate plenty of music, plenty of dancing (apparently 1000 kcals can be burned by 2 hours of techno dancing) and plenty of costumes! We always give you costume themes and ideas weekly, so we thought, what else would get everyone going and keep the ‘good’ feeling? Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and now Nineties parties, will certainly help you to shed those pounds (assuming you do get on the dance floor and party the night away). So, if one of your New Month Resolutions is to get fit, why not do it by having some fun at the same time?

SoWest Fancy Dress has a huge range of decade costumes suitable for all decades. Our website groups the 50s, 60, 70s & 80s all together to make it easier for you to have a browse.