Women: How to Dress up for a Disco Party

Disco shape had a style all its own. Conventional clothing in the 1970s would not work for a bubbly night at a disco club. Or maybe, men and women both wore flashy materials and bold styles. At the point when taking off to a disco party, appear like it it by hurling on flared clothing that reflects light well.

Ladies’ disco fashion included both short, uncovering garments and long outfits that secured almost everything. Pick the style you feel most good with.

Select the right textures. Disco clothing was made of stretchy, glossy material that promptly mirrored the brilliant lights of a disco club. Search for spandex, lycra, velour, and engineered polyester. Likewise consider pieces vigorously enhanced in sparkly sequins or gold weak.

Try on a small scale skirt or smaller than usual dress. Midi-skirts, which came up to the mid-calf, were likewise well known in the 1970s. Search for a design that flares out marginally beginning at the midsection. The skirt can have creases, yet does not require them. On the off chance that you choose to run with a scaled down dress, search for one with a bridle style top.

Search for a 1970’s style catsuit. The catsuit was a sort of one-piece bodysuit frequently made of spandex. Regularly, the legs were fitted at the thigh and flared out at the knee. The suit could have sleeves that flared out, beginning at the elbow, or it could be sleeveless. Numerous catsuits likewise included a bridle top or profound slipover.

Wear hot pants. Hot pants in the 1970s were daringly short pants that covered the back, however scarcely covered any leg. The pants clung firmly to a lady’s legs and did not flare out.

Settle on a couple of bell bottoms. Not each lady uncovered such a large amount of her leg when she went to the disco. Many stayed with bell bottoms. You ought to even now search for bell bottoms made of sparkling, clingy material, notwithstanding. Avoid bell base pants, since these would have been excessively easygoing, making it impossible to wear to a disco.

Pick a sparkling, clingy top. Famous styles for the disco included bridle and bandeau. For a less noteworthy choice that covers your arms, consider a tight, long-sleeve top with sleeves that flare out from the elbow. Search for tops embellished in sequins, metallic panther print, or other showy prints.

Haul out the platform shoes. Search for a couple with a 1 to 2″ sole. Really, ladies could wear platforms up to 4 inches (10.2 cm) high, yet these could seem unsafe to people unaccustomed to wearing such shoes. Search for brilliant hues or metallic examples. Likewise stay with closed-toe designs, since these were more basic to the day and age.

Wear your hair straight and long. Utilize a hair straightener to level your hair however much as could be expected, and consider including brief augmentations if your hair is short.

Then again, add volume to your hair. While straight hair was somewhat more basic in the 1970s, huge, wavy curls were likewise in style. Give yourself voluminous “Farrah Fawcett” curls if your hair holds a curl well.

Utilize make-up to highlight your eyes. Utilize dark eyeliner to follow your tops. Run with a shading like dark, chestnut, purple, dim or blue. Avoid bright hues. Apply a fluid eye shadow. Search for a darker shading that truly makes your eyes stand out..

Wrap things up with sparkly jewelry. Think thick beaded bracelets and necklaces or emblem pendants. Search for sparkly pieces that reflect light well.

Men’s Disco Costumes

If “Found a Cure”, “Disco Inferno” or “Staying Alive” made you vibrate in the 80s, then you are quite the type to participate in a disco party. It must be said that at the announcement of such good news, we can only jump to the ceiling. Imagine a fancy dress party with all your friends and on top of that, a disco theme party ? You already feel impatience in you. A little patience …

Before going to your theme party, you’ll have to find the right fancy dress for a men. Fortunately, Sowest Fancy Dress is here to help you in your search with a nice selection of brilliant disco costumes. We are here to dress you from head to toe in a disco fever style.

For example, put on a nice disco jumpsuit with psychedelic shirt or a disco suit. Partying will become child’s play because in your men’s disco outfit you will be able to let go. Lose control of your body during your dance party and give everything you have on the dance floor (a bit like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever).

We already see the smoke surrounding you and the rays of the mirror ball illuminate you because you will be the star of the dance floor. All the ladies will be subjugated by so much beauty. They may even succumb to your charm and that’s good. What woman did not dream of a man with a glitter shirt? 😆

The disco attitude will seize you to transform you into an inveterate dancer. Your sex appeal and your passion will attract the female on the track for a crazy dance. The disco and seduction are good fit so enjoy the dance like John Travolta in the Saturday night fever.

You will have to make arm movements diagonally with a nice hipster to imitate. But Travolta is always imitated and never equaled. This gives you a little challenge. He who does not set goals will not reach them and tonight is goal Travolta attitude! For pecho, there’s nothing better!

Fancy Dress Disco Party Decoration

For a successful disco party, you need a suitable fancy dress them. Once your choice is made, you will need something to change your interior. Organizing a disco party is not last minute job. The disco decoration of fancy dress Magic should enchant you.

You can hang a beautiful mirror ball for an exciting result on the dance floor or hang colorful decorations on the wall for more cheerfulness in the room. Not to mention disposable disco dishes which will save you a big chore.

The disco decor will take you straight to the 70s / 80s. We have a preference for the garland vinyl that creates a vintage atmosphere immediately.

In addition to decorating, consider preparing a disco playlist to challenge your guests. If you are wondering where the word “joy” comes from, please note that it comes from a language used by young people that comes from English “enjoy” and that means “to have fun”. Yes, at SoWest Fancy Dress, we’re a little mad-crazy!

Fancy Dress Disco costume accessories

The disco fancy dress: ok! The disco decor: ok! Do you not think something is missing on the call?

The disco accessories of course! That will make all the difference. With disco accessories, you will surely win the prize for the best costume of the evening. For example, put on a beautiful Afro cut disco wig, put on some glittery glasses, a matching belt and some kitschy men’s disco shoes.

If you are to play the game, play it thoroughly. The best idea is to add a small mustache for a total look. We love! If the wig is not your cup of tea, the glitter disco hat will do the trick. Add the matching sequin tie to the hat for a resplendent outfit.

70s Fancy Dress – Amazing Costume Ideas

Dressing for the 1970’s parties can be a great deal of fun. A few people have a variety of 70’s propelled clothing that can make the dressing up somewhat simpler. For those of us who have not clutched old clothes and will be needing to be somewhat more fashion forward, can now purchase 70’s fancy dress costumes! Whether you need to go as an adorable disco young lady or a full tree lovin’ hippy, there are a stack of costumes to look over. We likewise have full suits for the folks out there, and you can blend and match with beautiful shirts and ringer base jeans. Be sure to adorn these with an afro wig and round glasses!

The 70’s were the upheaval of the disco inferno and the hippie, so why not join the period that brought us such a large number of symbols and fashion forwards? Obviously the 70’s were associated with significantly more than just hippies and disco fever. Shouldn’t something be said about the performers or film stars of this time? The Beatles, who achieved their fame in this decade, are an incredible idea for a gathering of companions to dress up together. Alternately shouldn’t something be said about characters from Saturday Night Fever? Keep ABBA in mind!

The 70’s were additionally well-known for glam rock; think tight lycra jumpsuits, sequins, and platform shoes. Partners of this development were celebrated artists like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Other costume ideas for the 70’s that are certain to draw attention are pimp costumes. These are effectively perceived as faux velvet or fur fabrics, and highlight examples, for example, zebra and panther print. The greatest thing to occur in the late 70’s was the punk development! The world was never going to be the same nor was the fashion business. The punk pattern can be a truly fun costume idea for your next 70’s fancy dress party.

To help embellish your 70’s outfit, consider, round glasses, afro wigs, gogo boots, and necklaces, and fundamentally anything brilliantly hued.

How to Dress up for a Disco Party (Men)

Disco form had a style all its own. Ordinary clothing in the 1970s would not labor for a bubbly night at a disco club. Rather, men and ladies both wore ostentatious materials and brave styles. When heading off to a disco party, look like it by tossing on flared clothing that reflects light well.

Men’s disco fashion had less varieties than women’s. You do, notwithstanding, have the alternative of running with or without a full suit.

Mind your materials. Ladies weren’t only the main ones wearing gleaming, clingy textures. Men likewise wore outfits made of spandex, lycra, and manufactured polyester with the end goal of trimming their bodies. Glossy silk, sequins, and other intelligent materials were particularly critical for reflecting light.

Wear an open-necked button-out shirt. Long sleeves work best. Pick one in a splendid shading, and search for one made of gleaming texture. Leave the main few buttons fixed, uncovering your mid-section. You may even consider popping the neckline up, yet this is just discretionary.

Discover a couple of bell bottoms or flared trousers. Search for trousers that flare out, beginning at the knee. Stay away from pants, and settle on silk or polyester.

Toss on a discretionary suit jacket. In the event that is conceivable, discover a jacket that comes as a feature of a three-piece suit, finished with pants and a vest. Something else, search for a jacket with intelligent components that nearly coordinates the texture and shade of your trousers. The sleeves ought to be straight and buttoned at the closures.

Wear a couple of platform shoes. Search for a couple with generally low soles. While 1970s disco fashion allowed men to wear high platforms with 4″ soles, most cutting edge men would be unaccustomed to such stature. Stay with lower soles to keep any mishaps and to keep your feet from getting excessively sore.

Add volume to your hair. Utilize a gel or other hair mind item intended to add volume and lift to your hair. Then again, if you have enough hair and the right hair surface, you could have a go at styling it into an Afro.

Decorate with a glossy emblem necklace. Men did not really wear a huge amount of adornments, but rather they frequently wore a few. Run with a long emblem necklace. Pick one with a sparkly pendant that rests inside your open shirt, on your uncovered mid-section.

Fancy Dress Hen Nights – The Do’s and Dont’s

Dressing up for the night is a standout amongst the best time parts of the hen party so including fancy dress in with the general mish-mash is a surefire approach to succeed! Incredible augmentations to your outfit will prompt  unbelievable photograph’s (an aggregate of your Facebook companions will be envious) and you’ll get seen wherever you go! Picking what to wear can be a dubious one however there are decisions in abundance, so read on for a few thoughts, do’s and don’ts!

Do: consider the hen

Possibly she’s not a major fancy dress darling, in which case a basic touch may be best instead of going full hoard devious policewomen. Rather why not all wear vivid tights, net gloves or hen identifications? That way you’ll have a fabulous time of settling on hues and topics without bringing on any issues with the lady of the hour to-be.

Try not to: dress too silly

A touch of silliness is great, we all stand for acclaiming an amusing subject or idiosyncratic Zooey-Deschanel-style dressing brief. Fancy dress on your hen party can include a considerable measure of fun, however we’d recommend not taking it too far. Which implies crossing out a nourishment (banana’s are not a decent look), anything occasional (same pumpkins) and anything excessively impolite (inflatable man parts are quite recently unfeasible).

Do: Play around with it

Fancy dress is about investigating your internal wild side and wearing something you could never typically wear. Believe tutu’s, police outfits and insane sixties topics. Possibly you abstained from being a 80’s wild youngster yet… what’s preventing you from giving it a shot at this point?

Don’t : consider it excessively important

In the event that individuals don’t invest as much exertion as you’d like don’t worry – the point in fancy dress is to have some good times while as yet wearing what you’re OK with. Odds are everybody will have diverse thoughts the moment you specify fancy dress, so consider everybody’s perspectives and attempt to pick the most satisfying subject. Blessed messengers are dependably a decent one as there’s such a scope of ways individuals can dress and moreover we’ve seen an ascent in honey bee costumes humming about!

Do: remember spending plans

Keep in mind that specific visitors may have lower spending plans than others, and some fancy dress topics can cost significantly more (superhero costumes have a tendency to be at the more costly end). Rather than forking out a fortune and anticipating that every other person should do similar, see what DIY bits you can do at home first. Nerd costumes can come in shoddy; purchase a shabby combine of plastic glasses and you’re practically there! On the other hand why not have a ‘philanthropy shop’ subject – give everybody a £10 spending plan (or less) and see what they can turn out with, or a ’90’s topic’ if everybody still has their 90’s clothing in the storage room.

What’s more, recollect…

That in case you’re setting off to all the exertion of arranging fancy dress, then you’ll need to have an astonishing arrangement for the real end of the week! Sort out some top exercises to compliment your phenomenal outfits – Inflatable Amusements are an awesome one for keeping in the fun soul, or even Good country Diversions or the Somerset Challenge. Plan to flawlessness and host an astonishing hen get-together!

For some movement motivation to go close by your brilliant (and unusual) outfit, look at our suggested fancy dress outfits underneath:

15 Best Celebrity Fancy Dress Costumes Ever – Part II

Nobody does a fancy dress party better than celebrities. Call it the budget, call it the army of personal assistants tasked with brainstorming and realizing the idea. But they sure know how to party. See the best and be inspired.

1. Kate Perry

Katy Perry’s as a giant Cheeto (an American Wotsit) at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party.

2. Tallulah Harlech

Tallulah Harlech sports a lifelike scar at the UNICEF Halloween ball

3. Jamie Campbell-Bower

Jamie Campbell-Bower dresses up as a deathly Victorian at the UNICEF Halloween Ball

4. Megan Fox

A wounded and bloodied Megan Fox shows off her Halloween costume with James Franco

5. Kristen Ritter

Breaking Bad star Kristen Ritter goes green for Halloween

6. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum transformed into a wrinkled old lady for her annual Halloween party

7. Beyonce

Beyonce dressed as an angel and Blue Ivy wore alien deely boppers for Halloween

8. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr dressed up as a cat and her son Flynn as superman for Halloween

9. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne dressed as Carrie for Halloween

10. Rihanna

Rihanna posted a picture of herself on Instagram for Halloween and wrote ‘ My chola name was #ShyGirl’

11. Kate Moss

Kate Moss honoured Mexican’s day of the Dead by dressing as the Skeleton Lady as she arrived annual Jonathan Ross’s Halloween celebration with husband Jamie Hince

12. Nicole Scherzinger 

Nicole Scherzinger dressed as Catwoman for Jonathan Ross’s Halloween party

13. Arizona Muse 

Arizona Muse dressed as witch for the UNICEF Halloween Ball, London

14. Lily Allen Cooper 

Lily Allen Cooper in an alien costume at the UNICEF Halloween Ball, London

15. Gwen Stefani 

Gwen Stefani dressed in a white princess dress for Halloween as she and her family went trick or treating in Los Angeles

15 Best Celebrity Fancy Dress Costumes Ever

Nobody does a fancy dress party better than celebrities. Call it the budget, call it the army of personal assistants tasked with brainstorming and realizing the idea. But they sure know how to party. See the best and be inspired.

1. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara celebrated her 44th birthday party with lemon-themed, Beyoncé-inspired festivities.

2. Kate Beckinsale

Fancy dress obsessed Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram on 11 July to share a hilarious photo of herself dressed in an inflatable penis costume. She captioned the image: ‘Just a girl trying to make it in a man’s world…’

3. Rihanna

Rihanna takes on Pebbles for a Flintstones’ themed birthday party for baby Majesty.

4. Kate Moss

Kate Moss attends Jonathan Ross’ Halloween party as Cara Delevingne.

5. North West

North West dressed up as a skunk for Halloween.

6. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

Beyoncé as Janet Jackson and Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson.

7. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne 

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne as the Super Mario Brothers.

8. The Kardashians

The Kardashians do US Vogue: Kim Kardashian as editor Anna Wintour, North as contributing editor André Leon Talley and Kim’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli as creative director Grace Coddington. Plus, Joyce’s son as a mini Karl Lagerfeld.

9. Rihanna 

Rihanna dresses up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween in New York.

10. Beyoncé

Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo as she spends Halloween night out at Charlie Bird in NYC, with a front-row view of the Halloween Parade.

11. Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum at her 14th annual Halloween party in New York.

12. Rita Ora

Rita Ora at Death of a Geisha Halloween Party at Cafe KaiZen in London.

13. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian out and about in a Halloween skeleton costume.

14. Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse vamps it up at the UNICEF Halloween ball.

15. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba dresses up as Slash for Kate Hudson’s Sons of Anarchy themed Halloween party.


Celebrating Halloween: The What, Why and When

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In spite of mainstream thinking, Halloween did not begin in America

It’s that season once more, where the intricate costumes emerge and kids crazy in their nearby neighborhoods. Indeed, even Starbucks has willingly volunteered to make a Vampire Frappuccino as part of the festivals.

This year trailblazers will be cutting pineapples and abandoning pumpkins, yet do you know why we observe Halloween in any case?

What is Halloween?

Going back to European customs, Halloween began from the antiquated Gaelic Celebration, Samhain. It was a day to praise the ending of the harvest season – it signifies “summer’s end”.

Truly Gaels thought the dividers between the spiritual world and our reality was thin. They dreaded the harvests would be harmed, so they would set up places at their supper tables for the spirits and light blazes to drive away malevolence spirits.

Treating and sprucing up originated from Sixteenth Century in Ireland, Scotland, and Grains.

Individuals would request nourishment in return for a lyric or tune. Individuals spruced up in terrifying costumes and mimicked the souls of the dead to secure themselves.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween wound up noticeably marketed after some time from the impacts of popular culture and is commended by both kids and grown-ups, regardless of whether they are going to gatherings or cutting pumpkins.

Treating was began by the Americans and they developed the English custom of “souling” or “guising” to the headliner for youngsters we know it as today.

When is Halloween?

Customarily known as All Saints’ Night, Halloween falls on October 31. Halloween is the eve of the Christian celebration called All Saints’ Day on November 1.

This spooky festival is watched each year in various nations around the globe.

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The Truth: Why We Wear Costumes On Halloween

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So you’ve chosen what you will be for Halloween, and have concocted a unique costume. Congratulations! Be that as it may, do you even know why precisely it is you’re sprucing up, or why we wear costumes on Halloween in any case?

Didn’t think so. Try not to stress, let’s fill you in.

You’ve likely invested a decent measure of energy pondering what you need to be for Halloween, and you will presumably invest the same amount of time, if not all the more, thinking about it later on.

Each year there’s one less costume you can consider as a choice unless you’re being lethargic and reusing thoughts.

Halloween’s legacy really binds back to the Celtics, which implies we would now be able to thank the Irish for both St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween.

It was later assumed control of by the English (on the grounds that, the English assumed control of everything back then), and it wasn’t until hundreds of years after the fact that it showed up in America.

The Celtics used to spruce up to “mix in” with phantoms.

At the very starting points of Halloween’s history, you’ll discover the Samhain celebration, which denoted the end of the Celtic’s harvest period and the start of their winter.

Since the winter spoke to the “darker half” of year, its beginning (Nov. 1) wound up to be known as the day the dead would cause issues down the road for the earth.

Notwithstanding leaving nourishment and beverages on their doorsteps with expectations of conciliating the spooky spirits, individuals would likewise spruce up in apparition costumes when leaving their homes with an end goal to “mix in” with the dead.

In Medieval England, the poor would spruce up and perform for cash and sustenance.

After Medieval England adjusted the Samhain celebration and transformed it into All Saints Day, it turned into a custom for youngsters to spruce up and perform at individuals’ entryways in return for nourishment or cash.

This was typically done by poor people, and it wound up plainly known as “guising.”

Halloween costumes turned into “a thing” in America when Irish outsiders resuscitated the customs.

Irish migrants conveyed the conventions of Halloween over to America, so you can express gratitude toward them for all the fun you now have on Oct. 31.

In any case, it wasn’t really until the 1950s that Halloween turned out to be massively marketed in America, and transformed into a family-accommodating occasion for grown-ups and kids alike.

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The Ultimate Fancy Dress Party Guide

The fancy dress party is the fanciest of a considerable number of parties. This is not only a broad explanation; it is a reality.

How, you may ask?

Since you can pick any topic you need – you can hold a Disney Princesses Night (no, you are never excessively old) or a Presidential Ball and have everybody over from the Ruler of Britain to a US leader of your liking. What’s fancier than that?

What’s fancier than that?

However, fancy dress parties require a considerable measure of work and exertion.

Be that as it may, we wouldn’t be SoWest Fancy Dress if we didn’t have guidance for you.


Step 1 – The financial plan

Just like most things in life, it comes down to the cash. Before you start to assemble your fancy dress party, settle on a financial plan.

It’s additionally critical to adhere to the set spending plan (it may sound senseless, however a ton of us disregard this part).

Step 2 – The subject

Since you know your monetary limitations, you ought to pick a subject.

On the off chance that you are restricted space savvy and you can’t bear to lease a scene, you don’t need individuals appearing in tremendous costumes.

Likewise consider subjects that are not very entangled to dress for, for example, the most noticeably awful thing in my wardrobe.

Step 3 – The solicitations

Make sure to give individuals plentiful time to design their costumes for your fancy dress party.

Add to the showy behavior by making welcomes that fit your topic; in case you’re hosting a frantic researcher gathering, convey your welcomes in test tubes.

Step 4 – The designs

Designs can make or break your party.

So get inventive and doll up your scene as much as you can. Simply recall the spending guideline.

Google becomes possibly the most important factor here as it is covered with moderate DIY beautification ideas on pretty much anything.

Step 5 – The music

Music has a method for playing with your psyche, so be sure to have a splendid playlist to make the ideal atmosphere.

Blend things up a little by searching for electric swing music in case you’re arranging a jazz night.

Step 6 – The Food

The web is your companion here.

Look for ideas that are simple to implement and that fit your topic.

For instance, if your topic is red, make beyond any doubt all that you serve is red or binds to red sustenance, for example, jam or beetroot.

Step 7 – The good times

Take heaps of pics and have a ton of fun!

Reach us for all your party needs, from finding an impeccable dress or those trim paper plates through to a moderate setting or an insane cocktail. Call 084 11 438 48 or visit

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