Amazing Hippy Costume Fancy Dress Ideas For You

Amazing Hippy Costume Fancy Dress Ideas For You

Today is all about Hippy fancy dress costumes as we are now a week from the mid-summer solstice (it’s on the 20th), and because many associate this event with hippies (much to the annoyance of the Druids who used to have Stonehenge and the like to themselves) we thought this was a good excuse to spend a day or two back in the Sixties – getting back to the roots of the Flower People, so to speak.

The term Hippy  fancy dress arguably derives from the term ‘hip’, interchangeable with ‘cool’ and ‘way-out’ in the vernacular, and the look is typified by an overtly casual look –T-shirt and jeans at the most basic level, but more commonly associated with bell-bottom trousers (or full length flower fabric skirts) and tie-dye tops. Hair was worn long and straight and outfits were accessorised with flowers, love beads and small Indian bells (because of their association with meditation, which was very in vogue in the Sixties, especially when the Beatles took it up).

Button badges with appropriate slogans may also be used on clothing and the more creative types might wish to use face and body art to reinforce the ‘non-conformist’ look, face painting being a rare and exotic thing back in the Sixties.

The hippy look continued in to the 1970s, so can still be used for a 70s themed fancy dress party.

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