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How about having a fancy dress party to dance  off the extra weight you have accumilated over the past months? Assuming you are one of those people who have had to work, a party can be a good time to look back over the past months and assess what we would like to achieve in the coming ones.  This is why New Month resolutions are often made. Many of these tend to be health related, such as getting fit, losing weight, stopping smoking, etc..

At SoWest Fancy Dress we are naturally in the business of promoting people having a good time, so how does that equate with developing a healthy regime, particularly if you are in a party atmosphere, where quantities of food and drink are likely to be consumed? Well, for starters we would advocate plenty of music, plenty of dancing (apparently 1000 kcals can be burned by 2 hours of techno dancing) and plenty of costumes! We always give you costume themes and ideas weekly, so we thought, what else would get everyone going and keep the ‘good’ feeling? Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and now Nineties parties, will certainly help you to shed those pounds (assuming you do get on the dance floor and party the night away). So, if one of your New Month Resolutions is to get fit, why not do it by having some fun at the same time?

SoWest Fancy Dress has a huge range of decade costumes suitable for all decades. Our website groups the 50s, 60, 70s & 80s all together to make it easier for you to have a browse.