20s and gangster ideas

The 20s was a decade of economic prosperity, fashion was defined by the flapper look for British and American woman and the pinstriped suit for men.The decade is also known as Roaring Twenties and remembered for prohibition in the States With the ban on alcoholic drinks and gambling, resulting in a rapid growth in organised crime and the rise of  illicit speakeasies which became lively venues of the “Jazz Age”, Jazz began to get a reputation as being immoral and many members of the older generation saw it as threatening to old values. New novelty dances where seen on broadway and in the dance halls The Breakaway and The Charleston to name a couple.Flappers where young women who wore short skirts had bobbed hair, smoked cigarettes, listened to jazz and where brash.Gangster with colourful names like Bugs Moran , Lucky Luciano of course Al Capone who ran liquor and gambling.

So you Gangster’s get your pinstriped suit, fedora hat, tommy gun, braces, cigar and relax with a bootleg whiskey while the Flappers and moles are getting their flapper dresses, pearl necklace, satin gloves,cigarette holder and feather headbands the 20s is a perfect decade for a sophisticated party theme where everyone is dressed to impress